8.3 Slide transitions

You can use the transition and background_transition options to specify the global default slide transition style:

  • transition specifies the visual effect when moving between slides. Available transitions are "default", "fade", "slide", "convex", "concave", "zoom" or "none".

  • background_transition specifies the background transition effect when moving between full page slides. Available transitions are "default", "fade", "slide", "convex", "concave", "zoom" or "none".

For example:

    transition: fade

You can override the global transition for a specific slide by using the data-transition attribute. For example:

## Use a zoom transition {data-transition="zoom"}

## Use a faster speed {data-transition-speed="fast"}

You can also use different in and out transitions for the same slide. For example:

## Fade in, Slide out {data-transition="slide-in fade-out"}

## Slide in, Fade out {data-transition="fade-in slide-out"}