7.2 Keyboard shortcuts

After opening slides generated from xaringan or remark.js, you may press the key h (Help) or ? on your keyboard to learn all possible keyboard shortcuts, which may help you better present your slides.

  • To go the previous slide, you may press Up/Left arrows, PageUp, or k.

  • To go the next slide, you may press Right/Down arrows, PageDown, Space, or j.

  • You may press Home to go to the first slide, or End to go to the last slide, if you have these keys.

  • Typing a number and pressing Return (or Enter), you can jump to a specific slide with that page number.

  • Press b to black out a slide, and m to “mirror” a slide (reverse everything on the slide). These techniques can be useful when you do not want the audience to read the slide, e.g., when you have solutions on a slide but do not want to show them to your students immediately. I encourage you to try m; it can be a lot of fun. You can press these keys again to resume the normal slide.

  • Press f to toggle the fullscreen mode.

  • Press c to clone the slides to a new browser window; slides in the two windows will be in sync as you navigate through them. Press p to toggle the presenter mode. The presenter mode shows thumbnails of the current slide and the next slide on the left, presenter notes on the right (see Section 7.3.5), and also a timer on the top right. The keys c and p can be very useful when you present with your own computer connected to a second screen (such as a projector). On the second screen, you can show the normal slides, while cloning the slides to your own computer screen and using the presenter mode. Only you can see the presenter mode, which means only you can see presenter notes and the time, and preview the next slide. You may press t to restart the timer at any time.

  • Press h or ? again to exit the help page.